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Fishpool Street Residents' Association (FSRA)

The FSRA was founded in 1984 and continues to pursue with purpose and energy its aim of maintaining and improving the quality of life in Fishpool Street.


The association offers residents an opportunity to meet their neighbours, to be informed about issues concerning the street community and to protect the local environment.


The FSRA welcomes the support of residents and invites them all to join or to continue their membership each year. The association’s objectives are to:


  • Foster a sense of community

  • Inform residents of relevant issues

  • Liaise with the local councils and other official bodies, making appropriate representations over matters likely to affect the street and its residents

  • Liaise with other residents’ associations and similar bodies

  • Support the Neighbourhood Watch scheme

  • Support the maintenance of local public gardens e.g. the Ford Garden at the junction with Branch Road and the Glossop Garden inside the Abbey Gateway.


Download a copy of the FSRA’s constitution (PDF).

PLANNING APPLICATIONS: The FSRA comments on Planning Applications only where they are deemed likely to negatively impact the character of the street or surrounding environment. Residents who have a serious concern about an application are advised to contact their local councillor as soon as they are notified of the application to request it be “called-in” for consideration by the Planning Committee, rather than contacting the Planning Department.


Download: Guide to the Planning Process – St Albans Council


  1. We prepared A Vision for Fishpool Street to serve the following purposes:

    - To act as a Neighbourhood Plan to be incorporated into a St Albans Local Structure Plan when such a plan is agreed in compliance with the Government’s stated localism policy.

    - To guide comments on any planning applications that might affect the street.

    - To define what's special about Fishpool Street and how the present generation intends to manage change so as to hand on a legacy that conserves the street’s historic character.

    Download: A Vision for Fishpool Street (PDF).


  2. A Welcome Pack full of useful local information which we try to keep up to date and deliver to all new residents when they arrive in the street.


  3. We maintain close and regular contact with district and county councillors, and with St Albans School, to make representations and to discuss matters of interest to residents. We participate in Combined Residents’ Associations and in St Albans district council’s Community Neighbourhood Committee.

  4. We email residents to inform residents about upcoming events, be they social or potential disturbances by contractors etc.

  5. When circumstances allow, the FSRA organises several social events each year, including a summer garden party, a Remembrance Sunday event at the memorial, a pre Christmas gathering at the Lower Red Lion, and occasional walks and talks.

  6. For many years the association’s volunteers have maintained the Ford Garden at the bottom of Fishpool Street and the Glossop Garden near the Abbey Gate.

  7. A newsletter is produced periodically for members.

    Download a back issue: 
    FSRA newsletter (PDF) 


  8. We are grateful to Peter Trow and the 9Yards digital agency who helped develop this website. Contact Peter Trow on



Current officers


Chair          Rotating – shared by Committee

Secretary    Rosie Cinicolo, No. 154

Treasurer    Madeleine Sansom, No.124          


Committee members share responsibility for:


  • Membership recruitment

  • Newsletter preparation

  • District council liaison

  • County council liaison

  • Liaison with St Albans School

  • Events organisation

  • Communications – website, email messaging and newsletter etc.

  • Garden maintenance


Many of the association’s members frequently volunteer to assist with all FSRA activities.


If you’d like to join the FSRA, please complete our online form.

To contact members of the committee for any reason:


            Rosie Cinicolo, Secretary

             ​01727 864473

  • Facebook

Visit our Facebook page for more updates and information.

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