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Fishpool residents are urged to sign an e-petition calling for the permanent pedestrianisation of George Street and Market Place before the deadline of Friday, 15 January.

The petition proposes new diverted school bus routes and the introduction of weight and height restrictions in the surrounding roads as part of a new traffic plan for the city centre.

These measures could make a big difference to Fishpool Street!

The e-petition, which was launched by George Street publican and Fishpool Street resident Sean Hughes, seeks to trigger a public consultation and traffic studies by Herts County Council.

“A public consultation presents us with a major opportunity to avoid a return, when Covid restrictions are lifted, to the horrendous and damaging traffic conditions that have blighted Fishpool Street for decades,” said FSRA chairman Anthony Oliver.

“We will be looking to work with other interested parties in and around the St Albans’ cathedral quarter, with the aim to make the conservation area a quieter, cleaner and safer place to live.”

To sign the petition:


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