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The beauty and spectacle of the garden at No 28 Fishpool Street has now been shared with garden-lovers everywhere on the front page of The English Garden magazine.


And inside, a seven-page article guides readers around the garden’s numerous features, nurtured and developed by St Albans couple Jenny and Antony Jay over the past 20 years.


“With its 80-year-old box hedges, immaculate topiary and cottage garden planting surrounding a 17th century Grade II listed Tripe House, this is certainly a picturesque spot that spirits you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life,” says the writer, Nic Wilson.


“The urban garden at 28 Fishpool Street in St Albans weaves together bold planting and dramatic topiary with a sense of humour that makes it so much more than the sum of its parts.”


The article, for the Spring edition of the magazine, includes an array of stunning photos taken by Anna Omiotek-Tott illustrating the care and artistry that has transformed the garden into the spectacle it has become today.  

“I was amazed to see a photo of my garden on the front cover,” Jenny told fellow Fishpool Street residents.


“They’ve also done a seven-page feature article – and I thought there was only going to be a small piece. I'm delighted with Nic's article and Anna's photos. It was a very special moment to see it all there on the page.”


Jenny and Antony will be opening the garden for the National Garden Scheme again this summer for the eighth year – on 21 and 23 June, and on 19 July.

PHOTOS: Anna Omiotek-Tott


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