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St Michael’s Manor Hotel is offering Fishpool Street residents a 15 per cent discount when they wine and dine at the exclusive, luxury venue.

This generous offer was made during a reception at the Manor Hotel for nearly 40 neighbours to meet the owner Raj Gunpath and the manager Roberto Pereira.

Raj is an accountant, the owner of a number of care homes in north London and since 2016 the successor to the third generation of the Newling Ward family. It was clear his guests were delighted at the chance to sample the hotel’s new menu and subsequently to pass on their congratulations to the chef and his team. In response to Raj’s invitation, a question was asked about the instruction from St Albans council to remove the structure erected next to the reception room under the Covid emergency rules.

Raj assured the meeting that when he receives a letter from St Albans council he will comply with a legal request.

Also raised was the rather early arrival of delivery vehicles and the noise arising from manoeuvres on the gravel.

Raj went on to outline a proposal being considered by the hotel, which residents also need to consider, that during the summer months a film might be shown in the garden. Details to follow.

The overall feedback from the event is that Fishpool Street is keen for the hotel to succeed and for business and residents to live harmoniously. Both Raj and Roberto would like residents to visit the hotel, both as a venue to celebrate their special occasions and or for lunch or dinner with family and friends.

On behalf of all the neighbours attending, “Thank you Raj and Roberto for your kind hospitality”.


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