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  • Clive Parish


The grand finale of Fishpool’s Coronation Picnic Lunch was a presentation of a ‘thank you’ card to the guest of honour – Michael Tutton MBE, otherwise known as ‘Mick the Milk’.

Mick, who is renowned for his acts of kindness as much as delivering our daily pinta, is retiring after more than 40 years. He is pictured here, with Madeleine Sansom, being presented with his card and a photobook of the many dogs who eagerly awaited the arrival of his stash of treats each day.

A stretch of the street was closed for the occasion and the centrepiece of the party was a banquet-size table full of communal food and drink brought by the many residents and their families and friends who turned out for the coronation celebration.

Prizes for the best-decorated houses in the street – house numbers 70, 114, 128 – are winging their way to the winners.


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