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Don’t miss your chance to comment on a proposal by St Albans Civic Society for the continued pedestrianisation of George Street when the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end.

The society suggests that pedestrianisation – introduced to support social distancing – has helped improve footfall in George Street as visitors have been able to enjoy the shops, hospitality venues and historic character of the road without being pressured by passing traffic.

And it’s now looking at options for managing traffic flows post-pandemic – particularly for large vehicles using this part of the historic St Albans Conservation Area.

“Such options could affect nearby narrow streets, Romeland and the role and status of High Street,” states the Civic Society.

Which surely must include Fishpool Street too!

The plan being floated (illustrated here by Fishpool resident Angela Mellen) shows set-down and pick-up areas for cars at both ends and for minibuses only at the south end, and for coaches in the north end area only. There would be room for al fresco eating, displays and stalls etc.

Anthony Oliver, FSRA chair, commented:

“The FSRA committee is supportive of the proposals because of the beneficial impact on traffic through the street and I have responded to the Civic Society accordingly.

“However, traffic management in the city has many implications which must be considered.

The more individuals who express an opinion, the more the end-result is likely to be acceptable”

The closing date for comments is 31 December. Send in yours! Email: Full details of the plan on the Civic Society website:


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