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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The Fishpool Street Residents’ Association is asking for your opinion on our proposals to reduce nuisance traffic on our street.

Your answers will be submitted anonymously to Herts County Council to form part of the public consultation being proposed for permanent changes to traffic management in the city once the current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Your views can help shape the future of Fishpool Street – please take a couple of minutes to complete our online survey:

To learn more about the background to our proposals, please read on…


Under the Covid-19 emergency rules High Street, Market Place and George Street have been closed to traffic thereby offering an opportunity to assess the impact of pedestrianisation. In general this has proved popular and has provided certain benefits:

  • Improved access for users of shops and other business premises

  • Better appreciation of the architectural features of our heritage city

  • A peaceful environment for al fresco dining and social gathering, and

  • A more welcoming environment for tourists and other visitors.

However, some people have objected to these measures, in particular the closure of High Street, and would prefer a reversion to the conditions prior to the Covid rules.

Road closed: George Street at the junction with Romeland
Road closed: George Street at the junction with Romeland

A petition to Hertfordshire County Council - the highways authority - has been made asking for the pedestrianisation of Market Place and George Street to be made permanent.

Another petition, which was widely supported, asked for 20mph speed limits to be the standard for all villages and town centres in Hertfordshire and to be vigorously enforced.

St Albans Civic Society has also put forward a proposal focused specifically on George Street, supporting its pedestrianisation and suggesting loading bays and drop-off points at each end of the street.

We have been told by Sandy Walkington, our county councillor, that Herts County Council (HCC) are planning a survey and public consultation about traffic in St Albans. They are keen to understand public opinion as they formulate their suggestions.

Your committee is anxious to make every effort to ensure that the long-term changes to the city’s traffic system are beneficial to Fishpool Street and the conservation area. We have ideas but we want to know what you think - and Sandy assures us that our opinions will be listened to by HCC - so PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS SURVEY.

Our friends in the Abbey Precinct Residents' Association (APRA) have already carried out a similar survey. Collectively the two sets of answers will carry more weight.

The FSRA's objectives

The FSRA committee believes our objectives to be as follows:

  1. To reduce the amount of heavy traffic, including school coaches, entering the conservation area’s narrow residential streets.

  2. To prevent the use of Fishpool Street and other adjacent streets as a through-route

  3. To achieve a city centre traffic management system which encourages shoppers to access retail businesses, makes for a peaceful environment where social activities can be enjoyed, facilitates appreciation of the heritage environment by both residents and visitors, and is practically workable.

  4. In working towards achieving these ends, to co-operate with other residents’ associations, the district and county councils, and other interested parties including St Albans Civic Society, St Albans BiD and the various city centre schools that use coaches.

That’s the background. Now please take a couple of minutes to let us know your views by completing our online survey. Thank you!

Fishpool Street traffic survey:

Or download a hard copy version:

FSRA Traffic Survey 2021 - proposals
Download PDF • 72KB


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